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We believe that truly extraordinary food has to do good by you and  the planet.

That's why our tempeh has earned either a low or very low carbon footprint rating from My Emissions.And we remove from the environment twice as much carbon and plastic as we use to make our tempeh, making it Carbon and Plastic Negative.

That’s just the start. We’ll keep doing more to give back to nature just as much as it's giving to us.

our products are



Plastic Negative

what does this mean?

low or very low Carbon rated

We work with carbon tracking platform My Emissions tomeasure the carbon emitted to create our tempeh. This covers everything from growing the ingredients to how the products are cooked at home.

By achieving a low or very low carbon rating, it means that if everyone ate foods like our tempeh, we could sustainably feed the world's population.

Carbon Negative

Using the data we get from My Emissions, we offset double the amount of carbon used to create our tempeh - to ensure we're doing more than simply minimising our impact on the planet and actually being Planet Positive. We do this through Climate Care - a carbon-reduction company and an award-winning Certified B Corporation, recognised for setting the highest standards in their sector.

Plastic Negative

We also calculate the amount of plastic used to package and send our products, and offset double this through a partnership with rePurpose Global. We do this through their partnership with Waste4Change - a not-for-profit in West Java, Indonesian, the home of tempeh. W4C create more efficient waste systems to increase the amount of plastic being recycled and reused in the local area, and reduce the amount of plastic ending up in local waters.

THE top 6 reasons why people buy our tempeh.  whICH IS YOURS?

1 of your
5 a day

high in
protein & fibre

all natural


14+ days
Shelf life

quick & easy
to cook

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