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What is tempeh?

What does tempeh taste like?

Why do you love tempeh so much?

How is tempeh made?

What else can tempeh be made out of?

How is tempeh gut-friendly?

Is tempeh allergen free?

Does cooking tempeh affect its nutritional properties?

What impact does pasteurisation have on the nutritional profile of tempeh?

our products

Where can I buy your products?

Are all of your products suitable for vegans & vegetarians?

Are your products organic?

Do your products need to be refrigerated?

Can your products be frozen?

How do I cook with your products?

How long do your products last?

Is there any risk to not cooking your products properly?

Is your tempeh pasteurised? If so, why?


What is your approach to sustainability?

Why do you use plastic packaging?

Where are the beans for your products sourced?

Where is your tempeh produced?

Are any of your ingredients or products air freighted?

What is the difference between tempeh in glass jars and your products?

our team

Where are you based?

When were you set up?

What drew you all to tempeh?

Where can we send your [Free] Tempeh Cookbook and our "Better Nature Monthly Newsletter"?
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