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Driando Ahnan-Winarno

Co-Founder // Technology

Driando is a food scientist-entrepreneur-artist whose life mission is to give people access to affordable, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based protein sources through tempeh. Which, growing up in Bogor in Indonesia, he’s been eating since he was a baby.

Driando is a very talented musician and loves nothing more than playing with his band (well, except for tempeh).

Chris Kong

Co-Founder // Business Development

Chris is a biochemist-turned-entrepreneur who’s excited by the amazing potential of translating advances in food science and technology into real-world impact. Something he believes we can do through tempeh fermentation.

Chris is a very keen runner, running multiple marathons a year. All fuelled by tempeh, of course.

Elin Roberts

Co-Founder // Marketing

Elin is a marketing strategist who’s passionate about making the world a happier, fairer and more sustainable place. As part of this, she’s been a long-time advocate of plant-based eating, having been veggie for over 10 years and vegan for almost 8.

Elin is a huge animal lover - she’s at her happiest when she’s surrounded by furry friends (with a bowl of tempe kecap in hand, obviously).

Fabio Rinaldo

Co-Founder // Product Development

Fabio is a food scientist with a passion for plant-based food and Indonesian culture, through which he realised the potential of tempeh in creating a more sustainable future. He also has lots of experience in developing the tastiest plant-based foods he can.

There are three pillars to Fabio’s life: playing ultimate frisbee, drinking Italian coffee and anything to do with tempeh.

Noora Pärssinen


Noora is a multi-talented sustainability guru whose main passions include reducing food waste and promoting ethical, low-impact living. She’s been working in plant-based food for over 4 years, so she really knows her stuff.

Noora loves strong coffee, dark chocolate and eating copious amounts of tahini (tahini + tempeh = heaven).

UrSa Dornik

Head of Design

Ursa is a true jack-of-all-trades when it comes to design and creativity. Besides her passion for making beautiful designs, she’s also a food enthusiast with a newfound love for tempeh. She's even made her own out of all different beans and nuts.

Ursa loves to paint, and she’s found her new muse in tempeh.

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