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If you’re looking for a blank canvas to turn into your own masterpiece, then our plain tempeh range is for you. Simply add your favourite oils and spices to the tempeh, which will be quickly absorbed, and then bake, fry or stir it into any of your go-to dishes to add a protein-packed bite.

marinated tempeh

If you want to spend less time cooking from scratch and are looking for an already flavourful product to add to your favourite dish, our marinated tempeh range is for you. Simply seasoned with a handful of flavour-boosting oils and spices, our ready-to-cook tempeh products are the quick, easy and delicious way to eat well.

THE top 6 reasons why people LOVE our tempeh.  whICH IS YOURS?

Gut-friendly &
1 plant point

high in
protein & fibre


low carbon


quick & easy
to cook

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