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Tempeh Nourishing Bowl

You really can’t go wrong with this tempeh nourishing bowl - tasty, filling, nutritious, delightfully colourful and so easy to play around with. And tempeh is the perfect addition of course, adding a delicious bite.

Recipe by Better Nature

1 h 15 min


1 pack of our soy tempeh
30ml of sriracha
30ml agave syrup
10ml apple cider vinegar
6 stalks Tenderstem broccoli
1 sweet potato
1 courgette
1 aubergine
1 red pepper
1 avocado
100g basmati rice (to be cooked)
30g tahini to drizzle
Handful of sesame seeds
20ml olive oil
Salt to taste


  1. Turn the oven on to 180 degrees.
  2. Slice up the sweet potato, courgette and aubergine into small chunks.
  3. Place them onto a baking tray, drizzle them with olive oil (or oil of your choice) and a sprinkle of salt and cook them for 30 minutes, until lightly browned.
  4. Cook the rice.
  5. Mix the sriracha, agave syrup and apple cider vinegar together in a bowl.
  6. Slice up the tempeh into chunks and add them into the mixture in the bowl and leave for 5 minutes.
  7. Either bake or fry the marinated tempeh for about 10 minutes, until crispy.
  8. Wash the Tenderstem broccoli and boil for 5 minutes.
  9. Slice up the red pepper and avocado.
  10. Dish up all your components and add a drizzle of tahini and a sprinkle of sesame seeds to finish.
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